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3. insert your scripts and tune design
4. copy and paste code result
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How To Use

Go through just 4 steps

You will be able to create default widget. Necessary cookies always will be active. You may edit all preferences as you would like.
Choose or edit your Compliance preferences (ePrivacy / GDPR / CCPA) according you regulation rules. By default widget will be created with GDPR (EU) type.
DESIGN (optional)
Insert your scripts and generate result. Want to edit the Design or the Widget appearances settings? Log into your account and simply edit design settings.
Copy and Paste generated code into HEAD tag into your HTML file. If you need to update or change your data for example Regulation Type that is very easy. Just Log In to your account and update any data in your widget.
Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to provide description in details to you according to different approaches.

Do I need to use Cookie Compliance Widget?
If you use cookies in you website and handle them as first-party or third-party for instance Google Analytics on your website you need notify visitors about using Cookie Widget. According to regulations rules cookies scripts can be executed or blocked when user are visiting your website (before applying or rejecting them). It depends of regulation of the countries (USA) or zones (EU, World) where website is being executed.
What is Cookie Widget ?
Widget banner is a web application (banner) for regulating Cookie Policy depending on where your business is located (EU, USA, other World). The widget is a management solution according to the regulation of the GDPR (EU Directive), CCPA (Los Angeles Directive), as well as general requirements for the data processing.
Will Widget be control of cookie compliance regulation ?
Yes. Widget integrated on your website will resolve your Cookie Policy according to compliance regulation type (GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy)
How can I create a Cookie Widget ?
Please look on brief demo in 'How To Use'
Step 1. First you can try our default free version for testing in your website (just needed to insert 1 line of code into your HTML)
Step 2. Choose best for you plan pricing plan and pass through payment process.
Step 3. The default widget will be created by default according to GDPR (EU) regulation rules in the admin page. You will be automatically redirected to the admin page after payment process finished.
Step 4. Customize regulation type (EU, USA, ePrivacy) and define types. It can be first-party cookies and third-party (Google Analytics) in JavaScript in specific type field
Do I have to add scripts manually though manage widget ?
No, this step is completely optional. It is made only for convenience.
What does text/plain mean in my script? Do I have to add it to all scripts?

Usually javascript script files are linked via <script type="text/javascript" src="/my-script.js"/>

However this leads to immediate loading of the script before page renders. User must agree to load particular types of scripts. Available categories will be displayed automatically if user opens "Preference"

This Widget will assist with this by dynamically finding all scripts with given category and with type text/plain

The only thing you will need to do is to mark analytics/privacy scripts with one of predefined categories in your index.html file as following:
<script language="javascript" type="text/plain" src="/my-targeting-script.js" cookie-type="targeting"/>
<script language="javascript" type="text/plain" src="/my-advertising-script.js" cookie-type="advertising"/>
Where I should insert generated code ?
Insert Generated code into your HTML before closing head tag.
Tagging your scripts
All scripts that generate cookies and are used on your website should be saved and used in the widget. To do this you need to define the type insert it into the appropriate field and save. After that, instead of your code, you should use the generated one.
Do you provide support ?
Yes we do.
For any additional questions, bug reports and feature requests, please contact support team at:
Usually, it will take up to 24 hours on working days to process your request.